‘Kraš-Pop up store’ is a proposal for a virtual reality (VR) experience art installation exploring traditional shapes and visuals through digital possibilities. Furthermore, to explain the project, the term ‘Kraš’ needs to be explained first. Kraš is a sweets factory founded more than a hundred years ago in Zagreb, Croatia. Croatians as well as visitors in Croatia are daily confronted with its visuals and products. Some of it products are on the market since the 1950s because of which some of their product names and visuals became part of everyday life and culture in Croatia. For example, when somebody wants to call somebody ‘sweet in a good looking way’, one can use the word ‘bajadera’ which is a nugget type candy manufactured by Kraš. Therefore, one cannot argue that  Kraš’ visuals and shapes are a key part of Croatia’s identity, although on a mundane and semiotically insignificant level. The goal of this project is to bring closer these shapes and visuals through digitization and an abstract narrative which will both uplift them to higher semiotic level, but also question their core meaning with experimentation. The visitor will be introduced to a seemingly mundane part of Croatian culture and get to explore it with an experimental approach. By digitizing Kraš’ identity the artist will design a digital fantasy where cookies transform in to abstract landscapes or candy wrappers dance with candy bars.

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